Ignite the room with up lighting from floor to ceiling. With our battery operated lights, you don’t have to worry about wires or cables running across the floor. Simply find an ideal location for each fixture, and the color scheme you want. Up lighting is often used to cascade a beam of your preferred color up a wall or column.

DJ Setups & Dance Floor Lighting

Let’s start by placing an LED DJ Facade (or booth) in front of the DJ. This provides an eye-pleasing structure to shield your guests from turntables and chaotic cables sitting on a banquet table. From there, we have a variety of dance floor lights to cast images, lasers, and colors onto the dance floor to enhance the party vibe of your event.

Monograms & Gobo Projection

Project your initials on a wall or the dance floor. Brand your event with your company logo. Using a gobo (or stencil) placed inside of a light source, we can create beautiful designs to project around the room. At weddings, this is often a monogram image of the couples initials or names, as well as their wedding date. However, we can create just about any pattern to project in this type of format.

Khan Event 1

From giant TV Screens for your Corporate meeting, microphones, podiums, and more, our state of the art Audio-Visual equipment will provide the perfect setup to make your event effective, visual, and audible to an entire room, no matter the size.

Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is great to consider with live entertainment. If you book a band, you can expect a performance but sometimes when the room lights get dim, you can’t really see the entertainers, let alone the performance. Our stage lighting options range from basic and functional to more of a spectacle, depending on the nature of the event and the role of the entertainers.

Cafe (Bistro) Lighting

Cafe lights create a rustic touch an any outdoor wedding, in a tent, or even in a ballroom. From a few strands of lights that hover over dining tables to extravagant designs using many strands of lights, Cafe lights can have a very beautiful presence and in many situations, serve as the only light source maybe with a few candles on the tables below.