The Official 2017 Bridal Bootcamp Playlist

Once a year, we update our Spotify Bridal Bootcamp Playlist for all the “brides to be” getting toned for their wedding day. Since we are also always asked to make song

5 advantages to booking a Wedding MC

MC (or Emcee) stands for Master of Ceremonies. This is the person on the microphone making announcements throughout the night and encouraging people to get out on the dance floor.

Tips For Your Philadelphia Wedding Band Search

What makes a great wedding band? Talented musicians? Responsive and accommodating customer service? High performance energy? We believe it is all of the above and more, which is why we are sharing the

Choosing the right wedding entertainment

It’s been said that wedding entertainment is the thing guests remember the most about a wedding. We get so many great questions before couples book us followed by more great

The JAE Bridal Bootcamp Playlist

Wedding season is here, which means brides everywhere have their sights set on that stunning wedding day bod. We’ve made it easy for you ladies…  The JAE Bridal Bootcamp Playlist is the