First Dance Alternatives

As millennial weddings continue to explore innovation and professionalism, we are seeing more and more creativity when it comes to certain formalities. Some of us just aren’t big dancers. Then

Come see us January 6 & 7, 2018 at the Pennsylvania Bridal & Wedding Expo

Jon Ardito Entertainment will be co-sponsoring the Pennsylvania Bridal and Wedding Expo this January at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Now that’s you said yes, it’s time to start planning. The

What will be the last song of your wedding?

We tend to think a lot about the statements and insinuations of certain songs. For example, “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift is a fun, popular song, but it doesn’t have

Father-Daughter Dances Chosen by Our Brides

It’s either something you’ve known since you were a little girl, sharing a special moment with your dad or you turn to the internet in search of the perfect father-daughter

Watch a Live Wedding Band Showcase before you book

In Philadelphia, as well as plenty of other cities, it’s become customary to watch a live wedding band showcase during the vendor selection process. This performance has several great benefits

The Millennial Wedding: What do most people do for music?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Couples today are all about doing things their way, so naturally the millennial wedding contains more DIY elements with less people

20 Songs for your Mother Son Dance

The Mother Son Dance is one we like to leave up to you. It’s an important moment and one that often contains a good amount of sentiment. However, we are

The Official 2017 Bridal Bootcamp Playlist

Once a year, we update our Spotify Bridal Bootcamp Playlist for all the “brides to be” getting toned for their wedding day. Since we are also always asked to make song

5 advantages to booking a Wedding MC

MC (or Emcee) stands for Master of Ceremonies. This is the person on the microphone making announcements throughout the night and encouraging people to get out on the dance floor.

10 Bridal Party introduction songs your guests will love

A few months ago we wrote a post about the Top Bridal Party Introduction Songs divided into categories. We wanted to narrow that list down into specific songs that made