Tips to Avoiding Music Mistakes at Your Wedding

We know there are endless details that need attention while planning a wedding. So we thought we would give you a few things to think about that might not be so top of mind so you don't end up saying "We should have....." So here is a deeper dive into the music logistics so you can make planning decisions that make your wedding an incredible night for all.

First Dance Alternatives

As millennial weddings continue to explore innovation and professionalism, we are seeing more and more creativity when it comes to certain formalities. Some of us just aren't big dancers. Then there are those of us who love to dance but but maybe not being the ONLY ONES dancing. Or maybe you share a skill or passion you would like to showcase for your guests. Whatever the reason, here are some alternatives both musical and non-musical you could consider.

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What will be the last song of your wedding?

We tend to think a lot about the statements and insinuations of certain songs. At a wedding, we want each song's vibe, feel, meaning, and lyrical content to add to the party anyway possible. Here are a few to consider.

Father-Daughter Dances Chosen by Our Brides

Rather than share a list of songs unanimously considered to be the top songs for this special moment, I wanted to share a list of songs our brides have chosen. Some are more traditional while others are a little less common but regardless, they share one common thing: making the perfect moment.

Watch a Live Wedding Band Showcase before you book

We offer monthly opportunities to see Philadelphia Wedding Bands, Musicians, and DJs live in action to put the booking power in your hands. Plus it shows you that your band puts the time in to polish their set. If a band doesn't showcase, you may even want to question whether or not they rehearse.

The Millennial Wedding: What do most people do for music?

We decided to take some of the more traditional elements and share how today's couple are going about them. These are simply our observations over the hundreds of weddings we've participated in.

20 Songs for your Mother Son Dance

Many slow songs are written with a romantic tone. A song you would dance to with your new wife might not be a song you would want to dance to with your mother, so always listen to the lyrics to make sure it's something you are comfortable dancing to in front of your guests. Here are a few safe options.

The Official 2017 Bridal Bootcamp Playlist

Once a year, we update our Spotify Bridal Bootcamp Playlist for all the "brides to be" getting toned for their wedding day. Since we are also always asked to make song recommendations for weddings, this playlist features good high energy dance tunes that would be great for a work out and also for your guests when they hit the dance floor.

5 advantages to booking a Wedding MC

While many DJs also MC, we often book a DJ/MC team to ensure a clear distinction between each role. There are actually several advantages to booking an MC but usually it comes down to preference. Learn more here.

10 Bridal Party introduction songs your guests will love

Maybe it's a song they remember dancing to at a concert, maybe it's a dramatic song for a dramatic entrance, maybe it's a funny song because you're funny people. However you go it, here are a few you might consider adding to your short list, whether it's a band or DJ doing the entertaining.

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